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Self Stirring Mug 70% Off

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The self stirring mug is AWESOME!

No more stirring your coffee, or tea. This mug evenly stirs your cup for you!

No more Spoons!!

Made of stainless steel and plastic:
• Features the words 'SELF STIRRING MUG' on the front
• Just press the button on the handle for instant mixing action!
• Includes a handy lid to stop spills
• The self stirring mug measures approx 14 cm x 11 cm x 8.5 cm (5.51in x 4.33in x 3.34in)

Who needs spoon anymore? Get this Self Stirring Mug at 70% OFF!

How do you like your coffee? Cream with one sugar? Nice. Just cream? Cool. Rock on. Everybody except the black coffee drinker listen up - what do you use to stir your coffee? A spoon? Swizzles? Tongue depressors? What you need is a stirring solution for your hot and tasty beverage that doesn't add to landfill, or impart odd flavors to your drink while actually moving stuff around.

We're genuinely enthusiastic about the Self-Stirring Mug! Stainless steel finish with a snap-lock lid keeps your drink hot. Inside this mug is a spinning plastic disk that frappes your drink into a whirling blended maelstrom of deliciousness. 

Just pop two AAA batteries inside the base, fill the mug with your favorite hot beverage, add your sweetener or creamer, press the button on the handle and whirr your drink into a perfect blend. No more sandy sugar in the last dregs of your drink, and no more spoons!


  • Mug with drink through lid included
  • Dimensions: 4 3/8" H x 3 3/8" W
  • To clean just pour in soap and press a button to stir.
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